Judge Amy


Judge Amy Searcy

Families Matter

Judge Amy Searcy was appointed to Hamilton County’s Domestic Relations Court in May 2014. As a Domestic Relations Judge, Amy Searcy places a focus on the family. Underscoring her commitment, Judge Searcy took on a full docket her first day on the job as Judge.
Judge Amy Searcy is EXPERIENCED
Prior to her tenure as Judge, Amy Searcy was Director of the Hamilton County Board of Elections.
Appointed to the Board of Elections in 2009, Amy Searcy worked doggedly to ensure fair elections in one of Ohio’s top three urban counties and one of the most-watched counties in the United States during the Presidential Election of 2012.
Overseeing the successful administration of hundreds of races, a multimillion dollar budget and dozens of employees, Amy Searcy has unique experience as a senior manager to compliment her judicial experience.
Amy Searcy brings previous judicial experience to the Domestic Relations bench having served six years as a Municipal Court Magistrate.
From 2003 to 2009, Amy Searcy served Hamilton County in Municipal Court.
Hearing cases ranging from traffic and criminal arraignments to evictions and small claims and civil trials, Searcy’s experience in the court system as a Magistrate dovetails well with her current Judgeship.
Judge Amy Searcy GIVES BACK
Amy Searcy has served as a public defender giving counsel to those in need.
As an adjunct professor at the College of Mount St. Joseph, Searcy taught Constitutional Law, Legal Principles and mentored future leaders.
As a high school mock trial Legal Advisor, Searcy helped usher two State Champion mock trial teams: St. Xavier High School in 1998 and Oak Hills High School in 2007.
Oak Hills was also ranked 15th in the nation under Searcy’s tutelage. 
Judge Searcy believes in giving back to the community.
Amy Searcy was a Board member of Talbert House. 
She is a Great Parks volunteer.
Searcy is also a member of the Cincinnati Police Citizens on Patrol.
Searcy served as the former vice Chairwoman of the Hamilton County Republican Party. 
Searcy is a graduate of the JoAnn Davidson Leadership Institute, Class of 2011.
Searcy completed the Cincinnati Bar Association Academy of Leadership for Lawyers.

Judge Amy Searcy is a WIFE, MOTHER and GRANDMOTHER
Judge Amy Searcy raised two children and is a grandmother to five and lives in Crosby Township with her husband, Bob.