Don't Divorce Your Children


Sep, 27 2014

Don't Divorce Your Children

We witness reports of violence regularly in Hamilton County affecting teenagers and families.

Young people often make poor decisions, but when their decisions have such devastating consequences it makes us all stop and think about prevention of such situations in the future.

How can parents and families anticipate and prevent this type of devastation in their children’s lives?

So often, the decisions our children and their friends are out of our control, however there is hope for our families. That hope lies in the strong foundation of parents and their relationships with their children.

It is the strength of the love and trust that our children have in us that helps them to make wise decisions when they are interacting with their friends and others in the community.

This is our gift to them.

Both parents must continue to be role models regardless of their marital status. This is more challenging in families that have followed this path, but parents must step up to this challenge.

Their children, their legacy, depend upon it.

Love your children and develop trust and self-confidence with them to help them grow and develop into good, responsible members of society.

I am the newest judge in Hamilton County, recently appointed to the Domestic Relations Court. I see families every day who are re-defining themselves and their relationships with one another.

Parents may choose to divorce one another but they cannot divorce themselves from being parents.

Parents can continue to be strong, loving role models to their children despite their marital relationship with one another. This is good news. This is hope.

A divorce from a spouse does not divorce a mother or father from good parenting. In Domestic Relations Court, we can promote good parenting for all Hamilton County families, and I will strive to do my best to help families be strong and healthy.

Families matter. Let’s all focus on helping families – for the sake of the children.

Amy Searcy, a Crosby Township resident, is a domestic relations judge in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas.